What is an Inspection Chamber?

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Inspection Chamber

What is an Inspection Chamber? An Inspection Chamber is a clean-out generally installed at the property line of a building. It allows the municipality or city to access the sanitary or storm sewers without disturbing the building owner. The municipality or city can service the laterals to the building with cleaning equipment for blockages or they can camera the lateral for inspection purposes. An Inspection Chamber installed at the property line can indicate whether the blockage is on the building owner’s side or the city/municipality’s side and whose responsibility it is for cleaning. Inspection Chambers can also be used for ‘sampling’ what is going through the lateral should the need arise to take samples. The Mainline Adapt-a-Valve Inspection Chamber is versatile in that it can be adapted to become an extendible backwater valve or can be used to pressure test the lateral or isolate the lateral if need be. The body of the Mainline Adapt-a-Valve Inspection Chamber has a special slot molded right into it that is designed to accept the backwater valve gate or the test/isolation gate. It is the only inspection chamber on the market that can be used as an inspection chamber, backwater valve and test/isolation device and that is why we call it the Mainline Adapt-a-Valve Inspection Chamber!

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